Healthy living

Change up your diet!

Okay, so being a complete freak for health and well being, and having experimented with a fair few different tricks and techniques with the obsession (including slim fast – I do not recommend, fainting in a high temperature working environment was no at all beneficial..) but I have gained a lot of knowledge about all the diets that have been hyped up!

I have also tested out the gluten free diet, not that anyone who eats gluten free really calls it a diet, it’s either through allergies or it’s a lifestyle change. But it’s a rather expensive lifestyle change, which is why I have always gone back to just eating clean! However, with gluten free ingredients, I noticed such a difference in my body! Bloating was massively reduced, the acne I suffer from was cleared up and my energy levels were sky high. Not too sky high that I was ridiculously annoying but enough energy to run my ass off at the gym! Perfect 🙂

With that being said, I would like to announce my decision (when I go back to college on the 8th of September) that I shall be going back to gluten free. I am doing it back at college because 1. I go on holiday with an auntie and uncle tomorrow until the 6th of September and takeaways are a must on vacation! And 2. When in college I shop a whole lot less because my time is constantly occupied, so I will actually be able to purchase food without feeling like those Topshop boots will be sacrificed (although I will get those boots sooner or later! Love you boots!)

If any of you have chosen to go gluten free, let me know about your experiences! I would love to hear them! And any recipes that you have found upon the way would be very much appreciated indeed.


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